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Register now and we provide an address to receive your packages. After you can start shopping from thousands of U.S. merchants in seconds!

Store your luggage when you are in cruise

Safe place to store luggage in Miami/Fort Lauderdale before/after a cruise.

We export exactly what you need even big things

We can export frigde, stove, oven, cabinets, car parts, motor parts, car, bicycles, etc.

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We have the best support ever.


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8200 NW 41st Street, Doral, FL, 33166 – US

Our Office

8200 NW 41 Street, Suite 200 – Doral, FL, 33166 – USA
How do I receive Miamilocker address?

After you sign up for a new account, we will determine your box number and generate a shipping addresses for you. All available shipping addresses will be available for you.

Is this a PO BOX address?

Many sellers do not ship to PO BOX addresses. The reason is that FedEx, UPS and DHL do not deliver packages to PO BOX. Our address is not a PO BOX address. We are a regular Office building and warehouse staffed with full time employees from 9.00 AM till 6.00 PM Monday through Friday, therefore there is always someone available to receive incoming packages. Just because part of your address is mailbox or suite number does not mean it is a PO BOX address.

How much does it cost to ship a package to my country?

To receive a free quote, please use USPS or Fedex Calculator. Enter your country, the weight of the package, and ZIP codes. You can select how each package will be sent. 

Can you consolidate my packages into one bigger package?

Yes, we can consolidate package as long you signed up for it

How do you fill out custom declaration for each package?

When we receive new packages, we will notify you by email.  There you will see what has been received and you will be able to update information for customs (description, value, etc.)

Please note, a correctly filled customs declaration is your duty and responsibility. If you are not sure what is inside the package (if the merchant divides one purchase into multiple packages), we can open it and check the content. 

How will Miamilocker know the package is mine?

As soon as you complete you registration, we will assign a mailbox number to you. You will use this box number with your name and our address as the shipping address. Once any package arrives we will see your name and mailbox number on it. We will notify you by email

Should I notify Shipito of any incoming packages?

You do have to notify us of any incoming packages. We will notify you by email as soon as we receive the package because it is necessary to fill the customs declaration (description, value and item count).

What if we lose your package in our warehouse?

If we cannot locate your package in our warehouse we will notify you. It sometimes happens that package is misplaced. Most of the time we will find your package. We just need some time as we have thousands of packages. We employ humans and they do mistakes! Unfortunately. We will ask you to provide copy of invoice or purchase form. If we cannot find your package you will get fully compensated. Please make sure that value filled on customs declaration is the same as value provided on the invoice.

Are there any items that cannot be shipped?

There are some items that are restricted and cannot be shipped with any carrier. This includes:

  • Firearms parts, gun parts, scope, red dot sight, reflex sight, ammunition etc.
  • Any restricted items under ITAR, Department of Commerce, US Customs and Border Protection, US Department of State and the US Department of Treasury.
  • Flammable items
  • Pornography
  • Explosive material
  • Corrosive materials
  • Human remains
  • Live or dead plants or animals
  • Any Electronic equipment or any equipment that requires ECCN# (Export Control Classification Number).
What other payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit cards (except in certain countries), Paypal, and wire transfer.

What phone number should I use when placing an online order?

Some online stores will ask for a US phone number. Do not place Miamilocker phone number otherwise your order would be most probably cancelled which is because if the seller receives several orders on different names and credit cards but with the same phone number their system could detect it as a risky order so you need to place your own phone number. You can get a US phone number with many online services such as, or

Or you can install Whistle phone appplication on your smart phone which will allow you to have a US number created for free with the option to choose the area code as well

Any question ? Keep in touch.

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